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Selecting a Table Base – 3 Things to Consider

Chair Imports stock of a variety of table bases, bar leaners and bar table frames but selecting the best table base for your area is more important than you may think. There are a few main things to consider such as the location of your table, what tabletop you are pairing the base with and the overall weight of the table.


Indoor or outdoor?

If your table will be placed outdoors, then you need a sturdy material that can withstand Australia’s harsh environments. 304 Grade Stainless Steel, Aluminium or Techno-Polymer (strong form of plastic) are some of the ideal materials to look for.

If your table is for indoor use, then any of the above materials will work perfectly, as well as our Cast Iron and Powder Coated models.

Are you near the ocean?

Salt air and water can ruin many materials and quickly too. The best metal option for these harsh environments is to select a base made of Aluminium! Being rust-proof, Aluminium is our best and longest-lasting option for ocean air environments

Pairing Tabletops:

Consider what size and shape tabletop you will be placing on this base. If you have a large tabletop, then you need to ensure you correctly select the right size base span to safely hold your top. Selecting the right size base also ensures it will not tip over if someone were to lean on the tabletop.

Square or round standard size tops, usually up to 900mm, will go perfectly with a single pedestal base, whereas a rectangle or oval top are best suited for a twin base or two single bases placed on either end for appropriate support.

Overall Table Weight:

Another factor to consider is the overall weight of the table. Aluminium is generally lightweight which is great if you or your staff regularly move tables around. However, if you are in a very windy area, you may need to take precautions to ensure your tables stay in place. Just the opposite for Stainless Steel and Cast Iron, both materials are heavy and make sturdy bases but make can make it difficult if you are routinely moving them.

Of course, weight is also determined by the type of tabletop that is attached. Laminate is one of the lighter weight materials whereas solid timber can be quite heavy. An example is if you pair a light-weight aluminium base with a heavy timber top, the table will become too top-heavy and easily tip over. So, ensure to take these main points into account when selecting your table base and contact us if you need any help!

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