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Hospitality Table Seating Size Guide

Table Seating Size Guide
What size tables do I need?

Choosing the right size table top is a critical step in any new hospitality fit-out or refurbishment, which is why we created this hospitality table seating guide to help you decide on the right table for your business.

The right table size and shape depends on your type of establishment, the number of customers you expect to serve and your space available.

Smaller Establishments – Cafes, Coffee Shops and Small Restaurants.

For business’ on the smaller side, it is best to stick with square or rectangle shape tops. This gives you the ability to easily place multiple tables together to cater for those larger groups of customers. 

Size-wise, the 60cm to 70cm sizes are ideal for smaller floor areas and those who don’t expect customers to stay long. These sizes are fitting for cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, bars, etc, which usually only serve small dishes and drinks.

Larger Establishments – Restaurants, Pubs & Clubs.

For the larger business’ who have lots of space available, it is best to offer multiple table sizes to cater for many customer group sizes without the need to regularly configure tables together.

We recommend tables from 80cm upwards for establishments who serve large plates of meals and expect lots of dishes. Larger table sizes allow customers to comfortably stay for hours without being cramped at a small table.

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