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Selecting the Right Health Care Material for your Furniture

Choosing the best fabric or material for your new chairs, stools or lounges can seem a daunting task. Especially when there are many other factors to consider over selecting the right colour or pattern. Consider the large number of people who may come into contact with these fabrics daily, are you using the right fabrics to best reduce the risk of contamination?

Spill & Stain Resistance

Many fabric houses now have specialised health care ranges, one of the most commonly used is the ‘Crypton’ brand. This material offers complete spill and stain protection, as well as moisture, bacteria, mildew and odour resistance.


In facilities where patients experience incontinence, it is essential that the material has an easy to clean finish. Textured fabrics, especially with piping or ridges, should be avoided. It is important to also find a material that meets your cleaning procedure. If all furniture must be cleaned with bleach, ensure to select a material that is bleach cleanable.


Be sure to select the right material for the area it will be used in. A waiting area, for example, it’s best to use a strong fabric or vinyl that will resist tearing since it will be used daily. You also want to ensure your selected range is fire retardant to comply with the industry flammability standard.

Anti-Microbial & Anti-Bacterial

In a healthcare setting, fabrics with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties are essential to prevent the spread of infection and minimise odour. Look for fabric with these properties that will last the working life of the textile.

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